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people are still living in tents despite millions of dollars of u.s. aid. >>> lawmakers get back to work today after their july 4 break and they have a pact to do list. democrats have to find the 60 votes needed to push through regulation for wall street and they hope to extend benefits for the long-term unemployed for they will also vote on the confirmation of supreme court elena kagan. there is a vacant seat and that is of the late west virginia democratic senator robert byrd. >>> we turn to the weather on monday. we have a cooler start to the week. adam caskey has a look at our first forecast. >>> we don't have a heat wave this week. it will warm up later this week and we will get back into more sunshine thursday into friday. we are tracking the showers pushing off to the east. there is a wide batch of rain moving from west virginia and into north carolina. that will continue to march toward the metro area later this afternoon. the highs may hit 90 degrees across the metro area. we will talk more about the rain chances in our next forecast. >>> tuesday 84 of the oil spill in the gulf
and will be transferred by the u.s. marshals service. the three include a husband and wife couple who prosecutors say admitted to being russian citizens and living under false identities after their arrest. those false identities -- they are killed -- they are charged with failing to register and conspiracy to commit money laundering. they face 25 years if convicted. another man is charged with failure to register as a foreign agent. there are talks under way between prosecutors and the defense that could result in plea deals like reduced sentences or reduced charges benefiting both be accused and the government. prosecutors would be able to avoid lengthy trials as well as having to release of sensitive information such as intelligence gathering the prosecutors would also learn exactly what these individuals were up to. >> we heard earlier some reports about a potential swap between the u.s. and russia? >> reports are coming in about this. we are hearing from the brother of a man imprisoned in russia, a nuclear research scientist convicted in 2004 of passing classified information to a british compan
. >> these protesters chanted at the white house ahead of that meeting. they are calling for an end to all u.s. aid to israel. the two are meeting one day after israel eased its blockade of the gaza strip and israel is pushing for face-to-face peace talks with the palestinians. >>> the justice department is filing suit against arizona. this could happen as early as todaydoj sources say the government is challenging the arizona immigration law. they say enforcing immigration laws is a federal job. it gives arizona police officers the ability to check people's immigration status. >>> bp says it is about to connect a third recovery ship to capture twice as many barrels of oil per day. the oil leak is still going strong and it has hit the beaches of texas. >> along the texas coast, tourists mingle with tara balls. they originated from the deep water horizon theme that would hurt all the business on the beach that gets their money. >> officials say the tart balls were carried in by chips and not current. >> we think this may be an anomaly and an alternative theory, perhaps a ballast tank had some the to
from u.s. district court in alexandria. what is the latest? >> he was casually dressed, and spoke only once. he told and the best that -- investigators that he has this about the group he is accused of supporting, he is still facing serious charges. >> the 20-year old a field -- appeared alone without a beard. the hearing lasted a few minutes. he was informed of this charges. a new hearing date was set for tomorrow. leaving court, a woman dressed in an islamic the tire refused to set peak -- attire, refused to speak >> i have no comment. >> he is a u.s. citizen. he is charged with providing material support to a semi-based terrorist group on two occasions that terrorist group has ties to al qaeda and claims responsibilities for a bombing that killed at least 75. >> i am shocked. i am surprised. >> he was arrested with his infant son tried to board a flight to uganda. according to a federal agent, he said he would be willing to fight on the front lines and is not afraid of death. he is also known for posting propaganda, having ties to a radical cleric, and issuing a warning to the creat
.800.677.1116 or visit today! the eldercare locator is a free public service of the u.s. administration on aging. >> we want to take you back to the cleanup across the region from the weekend powerful storm. hundred are left in the dark. the worst current tonnage in montgomery county. >> the lingering effects of the stone can certainly be seen all over montgomery county. roads or closed as crews tried to clean up. >> i have never seen the trees move that much. >> the strength of the storm is no evidence. trees and power lines blanket the roads. >> driving over here, i did see some limbs blocking the roadway. >> on sunday, a tree was said smashing through this building. the vicious storm caused the massive problems around the county. more than 180,000 customers are still waiting to hear when their power will be back on. >> it has been off since the storm hit really hard. >> i am thinking about buying a generator. >> commuters also had to do with the power or beverages. police had to direct certain intersections. >> all like to work out on connecticut, knolls road. >> many are hoping they
afternoon. >> more than 11,000 people contacted the u.s. geological survey to report what they experienced. this is considered a minor earthquake in the grand scheme of things. it is the biggest one on record for our area. thousands of residents were shaken out of their sleep. >> i woke up suddenly to a large crash. i felt the house shake. it felt like something had hit the house. >> the u.s. geological survey says there was a 3.6 magnitude earthquake center in germantown. the tremors were far reaching. >> the earthquake itself probably only took one second. it sends seismic waves out that then travel through the earth. any person sitting in a little bit of distance was probably shaken for several seconds. >> longtime residents say they have never experienced anything like this. >> i know we have had small tremors on the east coast, but this is the first one i remember being scary. >> seismologists say earthquakes are rare in our region, but they do happen. this map shows how low the earthquake risk is compared to other regions. >> we actually lives in a low area. this is the largest earth
swap at the end of's airport this morning, the u.s. gave up 10 russian foreign agents in exchange for four once imprisoned in russia, accused of spying for the west. all 10 russians pleaded guilty in a manhattan federal court yesterday, expediting the swap. the sentence, 11 days already served and the condition they never returned to the states. senior administration officials say it showed growth between russian and u.s. and prosecutors believe it sends a greater message. but its use by americans in america you will be exposed. >> for year the agents monitored the ring. this data never gathered sensitive information. they lived normal lives and even raising children. most of the children are also now in russia, except those of vicki -- they will remain in the u.s.. >> i would have been completely discombobulated if i found out my parents were spies. >> as for the four now free and headed to the west, they, too, had to admit they worked against russia, gathering information for the west. officials say national security as well as the prisoners' health played a role and those selec
of the u.s. administration on aging. administration on aging. [ female announcer ] try olay's award winning body wash. tone enriching ribbons. two separate ribbons. the white cleanses. the gold moisturizes with a touch of mineral shimmer to enhance skin's tone. olay tone enriching bodywash. for skin that shimmers. >>> we are learning about a major twist in the missing person case involving a young boy from oregon. there are reports that the step mother may have tried to hire a hit man to kill her husband. terry horman allegedly paid a landscaper to kill her husband and he has been in touch with police. >> the landscaper assisted police and agreed to have a further conversation with terry horman which was recorded by investigators. >> she became suspicious during that conversation and did not share more information. investigators informed the father and cheap -- he filed for divorce >>> a new super tanker could make a giant difference in the fight against the gulf oil spill. "the whale" is an oil skimming vessels. . bp is gushing money as well as oil. >> it is now 8 $3 billion oil spill and
. >>> in afghanistan, the military is on a manhunt for a missing u.s. sailor. the forces recovered the body of the second sailor missing since last week. both service members disappeared friday and last seen driving into a caliban-held area. the television claimed they killed the sailor and was holding the other one hostage. >>> the pentagon says it could take weeks to assess the damage from the 92,000 leaked afghan war documents per there were so many items published on with the leaks that military leaders are not sure if one person is responsible the names, sources, and logistics were posted illegally but today, senator john kerry cautioned congress to -- not to override their release. >> these are not new allegations. it is important for everybody to understand that but we have been wrestling with these allegations. >> the cut suspect -- the key suspect is an army intelligence officer who is in jail in kuwait. >>> he is the first american ever been tapped to run british petroleum. they confirm that bob doubly will take control of that company in october taking over for tony a word. he wa
are investigating as to the set -- suspicious letters into the u.s. embassy. paris police say it appears that the envelope was filled with tear gas. two employees who handle the or to the hospital. the embassies of releasing any details about where this letter came from. paris police are still investigating. >>> this weekend is now the target to permanently plug the gulf oil leak. and another sign of progress there, the waters are opening back up to a fisherman in the gulf. but many are worried about how soon they will be able to actually make an income. bp is focusing on the long-term cleanup. mike has more. >> it is the beginning of the end of an oil spill, now more than 100 days old. bp says the capped wells could be shut down for good by next week. >> we are making good progress toward both the static kill and the bottom relief well. they look to be laying the casing line into the relief will later this evening. " alexi, mississippi, today, bp allied its recovery efforts to be managed by the head of fema under president clinton. local officials in louisiana have been clamoring for lo
to you. >>> thank you very much. we turn now to a developing story. the u.s. has picked up a 12 per cent in the russian spy ring case. officials said the man is 23 years old, a russian citizen. law-enforcement says the u.s. does not have enough evidence to charge him. he may be deported to russia later today. 10 of the russian agents were sent to russia last week after pleading guilty to conspiracy charges. president barack obama has a new national strategy for fighting hiv and aids. administration officials are unveiling the plan today at the white house. it calls for reducing the rate of new hiv infections by 25% over the but -- next five years, as well as getting treatment to 85% of patients within three months of their diagnosis. >>> can republicans take back control of the house? the 2010 elections are still four months today but a new poll out today have democrats in washington feeling pretty worried. brie and carter brings it -- breaks it down. >> in the 19 months since president barack obama took office, but political climate has changed and it appears some of the opinions of som
. nato forces have recovered the body i second u.s. sailor missing in afghanistan. 25-. newlove this again last friday. was last seen driving into taliban-controlled territory. search teams found the other body on sunday. boat sailors were counterinsurgency trainers, an italian spokesman says militants left the body for the u.s. forces to find. >> next on abc 7 news at noon. >> [inaudible] watching someone die or killing someone. >> speaking out from behind bars. chilling new revelations from the d.c. sniper. plus, another warning for toyota orders -- owners today. a massive recall to tell you about. and the president heads to the couch and makes television history. an hour storm watch continues into the afternoon. adam is back >> this is a rare look inside a crime spree that paralyzed the nation's capital. the only surviving d.c. sniper is speaking out in a rare interview. part of it aired this morning and "good morning america," and for the first time, we hear about other targets and other intended killers. >> in an exclusive interview with william shatner, the host of the new
saying about his time in the u.s.. some big news for parents and businesses, why thousands of cribs could soon be illegal. >>> i was averaging 50. >> skating for a cause. a teenager is on a mission. the heat is back. the heat is on a mission also. adam >> an iranian nuclear sciences is back in iran today. he got a hero's welcome from friends and family. he said he is finally saved from a u.s. reporter who he says capture them and tortured him. he was paid for $5 million for the nuclear program. and to go this happens all the time. defector's come across. they get paid a lot of money. once the boredom sets in and will leas, they realize that huge mistake. -- and lioneliness they realize that huge mistake. and >>> a surprise discovery at ground zero. they are excavating a ship holt call. it was found buried beneath the ground. they also found a 100 pound acre anchor. they believe it was put there to expand the size of manhattan island. >> imagine that back then? >>> let's talk about the weather situation. it is hot and sticky and muggy. >> no relief either. dog days of summer. we are not tt
. another law allows virginia homeowners to fly the u.s. flag [unintelligible] and in maryland, homeowners facing foreclosures must be given information about the modification programs in the system. and they also banned the chemical bpa from baby bottles and other children's products. and turning to maryland today, republican gubernatorial candidate robert ehrlich announced his running mate. >> what kind of person they are, what background they have, where are they coming from? i think mary meets all of those standards. >> she has been the director of special projects at the chamber of commerce since early june -- early january 2008. an overhaul of financial regulations is one step closer to the president's desk. congress passed the bill last night. the new law creates an agency to police consumer lending and set up a warning system for any financial risks. senators are turning to outside witnesses today in the confirmation hearings of supreme court nominee alain mcgagin. both democrats and republicans say -- nominee l.a.x. taegan. both democrats and republicans say republicanselena kagan
and will be taken to london. he told his family that he and 10 others will be released in exchange for the 10 in u.s. custody there are also questions about the state of the children caught in the crossfire. >> i feel that that is the real tragedy. accused spies from new jersey have a two dollars for the arlington couple admitted they were russian citizens. they also have two young children and there is another one that made the fight this potential swap and their son is just 17 and prosecutors say he is more loyal to the russian spy service than his own son. the arraignment for the 10 is expected to take place later this afternoon. there is speculation that the suspects will plead guilty and be sent back to russia. however, both u.s. and russian officials are not commenting3 . >>> we go back to the weather because it is a fight to keep cool for thousands of residents in the district of they are taking in the heat. many of them are without power or air conditioning. we go to pamela brown in northeast. >> this woman has been sweating it out in her own home in northeast washington since monday night t
. they did it happen to -- they decapitated the six police officers. june was the deadliest month for u.s. forces this year. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. is putting correa.ctions on north of col she says the sanctions will be trying to rein in north korea's nuclear program by stamping out the illegal funding >>> rescuers worked in kentucky to say people from rising flood waters. at least four people have died and have the water rose once again last night and rescuers hit the streets and boats to find stranded residents. no injuries were reported last night. >> i was listening to the weather center and the irony is, if you could look at the radar blip from the last three or four days, they look identical, storm after storm is unfortunate. >> we have a repeat going on around here, don't we? >>> it is a different kind of repaid and gets hot, near record-breaking highs. >> is there a relief to mars? >>> for about 18 hours. the most noticeable drop will be tomorrow night and into friday morning here is a good time labs with the sky over washington this morning. the sky
robert byrd. ♪ his casket arrived in the state capital. yesterday after lying in reposed in the u.s. senate. there was a public viewing overnight. thousands paid their respects to byrd who died on monday. he was 92 years old. president obama addressed the new jobs report released this morning. >>> the jobs report shows the unemployment rate at 9.5%. there are more jobs losses. economists worry recovery could be stuck in neutral. the president remains optimistic. >> a disappointing jobs report finds payrolls dropped by 125,000 o in june. employment dipped because workers stop looking for job. >> it is and then -- is in the direction of good news for the white house. they need to get the number further down. >> republicans are using the jobs report as ammunition. >> this is the epitome of failure. >> president obama says the economy is much stronger than last year. >> our economy has created nearly 600,000 private sector jobs this year. >> the president also acknowledged that the economy is not recovering fast enough, especially for the unemployed. >> i need a job bad. >> economists e
. a front lat-floater help to clen up the mess. >>> nato says a u.s. troops have died in just the past 24 hours. the taliban dominated south of the country. three americans and five civilians died in the taliban attack on police headquarters. four troops were killed by a roadside bomb today. a fifth died from wounds in the gunshot battle. >>> hopes of stopping this bill in the gulf are put on hold this noon. we're live with the latest on this. >> just two days ago we were all sensing some renewed optimism about the containicontl spill. across the gulf, there was hope, and then delay. >> a decision was taken to give them another 24 hours to make sure that this was the best possible test procedure we could execute. >> for hours or more before beginning the crucial test. they had hoped to begin shutting off nouvelles on tuesday, but then announced the well testing procedure needs more analysis, pushing back the timeline until at least later today on tests that are so critical, one bp officials asked for paris. -- asked for prayers. the goal is for it to hold 800 0 pressures per pound. lower
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18